s l e e p i n g  o n  s l e e p e r s

So I'm off again with thoughts that hover me like vultures gathering.
It's been twenty days without excuses, and you want to know where I've been.
I've been outside in the rain, scrounging and hopping trains.
Well at least that's what they tell you when you arrive at the lost and found
where I usually keep my goodbyes and my lies.

Lights are out again. I've got thirteen syllables boiling in my mouth.
I should have swallowed them, but four words forwards, and you'll just want to get out.
And the sky won't let you down, you can freely float around.
There are maps in my pockets and I needed to follow the lines.
I got different streets and shattering teeth on my mind.

If you keep your ears to the railroad tracks every night you're bound to get hit someday.
But at least you'll be alive. You said "I'm going blind".
Well you were blind when you first found me there, in a hospital parking lot.
You'll be blind when you finally let me go, but you'll never leave that spot.

So I'm off again with doubts that cuddle me like waves going against the sand.
I'll be traveling with my backwashed memories and things I cannot understand
while I'm outside in the snow or caught in the undertows.
So in two years time when the planets finally align
there'll be empty stadiums and flickering lights.

I'll keep my ears to the railroad tracks every night. Bound to get hit someday,
but at least I'll be alive. Though you said I'm going blind.

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